The Best Dating Secret You’ll Ever Hear (Part I)

10. Secret

I’ve recently received quite few emails asking for advice of how to pick up women/pick up men… so I thought I’d write a post here and clarify something.

First of all. If you think I am a pickup artist or if you think my blog is teaching people about how to manipulate the opposite sex, and about learning how to ‘play the game’, then I’m afraid you have come to the wrong place. Please feel free to unsubscribe from my blog and continue pursuing down that pathway you’ve been headed.

Despite my blog’s name, if you have been following my posts and read my introduction page, this blog is actually about coaching people about what REAL love is; about what REAL dating is, about what REAL relationship is, and about what REAL chemistry is. And let me just put it out there – it has NOTHING to do with playing games and EVERYTHING to do with common sense.

So that’s it – I’ve put my secret out there – this blog is about coaching people common sense.

I don’t believe the myth that men are players and women must beware. No, I think this is a myth created by women, for the protection of… women. Men are actually quite simple and straight forward, you are just not smart at reading the signs.

Women on the other hand, can also be classified as being too complicated. Whilst this is true to an extent (because women are more sensitive to emotion detection than  men), at the end of the day, women just want to be dominated, listened to, and communicated with.

Seriously, it may be tough algebra with some extended formulas, but you can figure it out.

The reason why many are unsuccessful at dating is because they fall into 3 categories

1) They mis-read the signs from the opposite sex

2) They indulge in self-doubt

3) They place too much emphasis on the result

Being that I have already clarified point number 1, I will clarify points 2 & 3 in my next posts… stay tuned.





5 thoughts on “The Best Dating Secret You’ll Ever Hear (Part I)

    • Hello Carol,

      Thanks for your comment. Sure, there are many signs which can be misread & I term these ‘non verbal’ and ‘verbal’.
      Non verbal is obviously body language i.e. many times a man will lean closer to a woman when speaking with her, getting closer in proximity, or touch her arm ‘accidentally’, which signals he’s interested..
      Verbal signs are the questions he asks her, the conversations he has, and the fact that he reinitiates conversation even after it has died down
      These all sound pretty simple, but under ‘real time’ with a man, many women tend to overlook it and think the man is just being ‘nice’ or just having a conversation and as a result, they forget to use these cues to their advantage
      There are many more and I am happy to discuss with you in private if you feel like you have experienced few situations where you were unsure of the man’s verbal/non verbal cues. Shoot me an email if you like at:
      Good luck!


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