Smile – Are you doing it enough?


Each and every day I walk past so many people with sad faces, either looking down at their feet, busy on their mobile phones, or wondering aimlessly into space. Each and every day when I see these people I try to encourage them by giving them a smile, to acknowledge them and show that I have noticed them.

And in case you’re wondering – no I don’t do it because I am seeking attention. I do it because I am grateful for the life that I have been given and I believe that the gift of a smile is as great to give someone, as it is to receive in return. And that is why I carry a smile with me every single day. I do it because I want to, not because I have to.

Too many people are going through their days with empty expressions on their faces. I am a firm believer in that body expressions can actually allow us to have conversations we never imagined possible. By smiling to someone, you are communicating to them that 

  • They have just been noticed – by you
  • They are appreciated
  • They deserve attention
  • They are loved

How much of the above can you express to a stranger in a second (or two) without first having to get to know them? None. And this is where the power of a smile comes into play and its influence can be strong that it can literally create a good feeling in the other person throughout their whole day. 

Sure, we have days where things aren’t going as planned, and we physically don’t feel like smiling. But did you know that the physical act of angling the lips can lead to a psychological effect and influence your feelings? Research seems to think so:

The way I see it – yes we may have a billion tasks on every day, and someone or something in this world is having a greater influence on our happiness, but nothing is more important than taking the time out to smile, to thank and appreciate others for sharing with us this beautiful life and world that we live in. 

Remember, that as humans, the number 1 importance is to be accepted by others. Whether you believe it or not, we strive in everything we do, in the work that we do, the money that we earn, the knowledge that we acquire, the clothes that we buy…. all to impress somebody at the end of the day. Sure, we do it for ourselves too, but all of these things add value to us, in order for us to be perceived at a higher status- by others. 

In our lifetime journey to strive for acceptance by others, it’s important that we do not forget to accept others in return. Hence, next time you’re walking down to the milk bar or the supermarket, or you’re grabbing that newspaper from the front of your house, or you’re ordering a coffee… just smile. Smile at everyone that you walk past, that you talk to, that you make eye contact with… just do it. 

Trust me, you’ll be both surprised and amazed at how many smiles you’ll receive in return, and the feeling that you get when that happens.


Good luck,